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Finding focus: Europe’s Industry X Pulse Series

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Finding focus: Europe’s Industry X Pulse Series

Energy transition for manufacturing industries

Charting a course toward achieving net-zero emissions is a complex route for most organizations that requires significant investment and resources to design, build, operationalize—and then transition to—renewable energy sources. It will take a complete reimagination of how both businesses and consumers think about their energy usage, and their impact on the planet. In other words, there’s a long road ahead.

But while businesses grapple with rising energy costs today, they must find a shorter term solution to a long-term issue by optimizing costs, reducing their energy consumption and seeking greater energy efficiency in both their day-to-day operations, and in the design, engineering and manufacturing of new products and services they create for customers. These measures are only stepping-stones on the journey to reaching full

Finger on the pulse – latest survey results

Energy transition is an enterprise-wide challenge impacting every team, in every function of the organization, in every industry.

Resiliency and reductions in CO2 emissions are not mutually exclusive.

Lacking the fuel to transform. Companies struggle with infrastructure and finding the right talent to make change happen.

High hopes that artificial intelligence (AI) will be part of the solution.

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